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“I played Futsal for 2 or 3 years before I joined Santos. Futsal was important in developing my ball control, quick thinking, passing....also for dribbling, balance, concentration.....Futsal was very, very important, no doubt.”

The game of Futsal is one of the fastest growing indoor sports in both the UK and many parts of the world. It is the only indoor version of the small-sided game endorsed by FIFA. There are World and European tournaments for this indoor format and similar to the 11-a-side game the Futsal teams from Brazil and Spain have battled it out in many of the recent finals

In England there has been a massive increase in participation over the last five years culminating in two divisions of a National Futsal League. There has also been a substantial increase in teams taking part in the growing number of youth Futsal tournaments being run by the FA and other county associations. In 2007 there were 132 youth teams and 265 adult teams. In 2012 this had increased to 2125 youth teams and 1620 adult teams. Many professional football clubs are now running Futsal scholarship programmes and this is something that will be available from the UKFA from September 2014.

The England Futsal team made history earlier this year when they were successful in getting through to the main qualifying round for the 2014 European Futsal Finals for the first time. This success justifies the investment into Regional Futsal Centres of Excellence and the England Development squad as the best

Futsal players in England now have a very clear pathway to the senior national team. It is hoped that beforetoo long there will be players from the UKFA competing at the highest level.

The game of Futsal has also become firmly established in the young player development landscape through the FA’s commitment to the growth of the game at all levels. The Premier League organises annual Futsal tournaments during the winter break for many academy age groups and has enhanced this provision by inviting Futsal teams from Barcelona and Sporting Lisbon. The FA’s National Youth Futsal tournament for U-10, U-12 and U-16 players is one tournament that the UKFA is targeting to add to the scheduled training and games that will take place on a regular basis.